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Kiinde Twist Starter Kit

Twist Pouches combine the toughness and leak proof guarantee of a bottle with the cost effectiveness compact size and convenience of a disposable breastmilk storage bag.

The Twist Starter Kit contains:
20) 6oz Twist Pouches DirectPump Recyclable Breastmilk Storage Pouches
14) Twist DirectPump Adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)
1) Twist Keeper Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder
2) Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottles
1) SlowFlow Twist Active Latch Nipple with Case
1) MediumFlow Twist Active Latch Nipple with Case
1) FastFlow Twist Active Latch Nipple with Case
2) Nipple Cleaning Brushes

Using Twist DirectPump Adapters our Twist Pouches twist-lock onto ALL major pump brands for leakfree transfer free pumping directly into the pouch.

Our leakproof twist locking cap keeps your precious milk safe when storing or transporting.

Pouches have an easy to see labeling surface shows you how much you have pumped.

After pumping store and organize Twist Pouches using the Twist Keeper Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder which fits in all standard fridges and freezers. Twist Keeper allows you to quickly and easily organize your expressed breastmilk storage bags by date.

Its universal design fits Twist Pouches and breastmilk storage bags from all brands.

Feed directly from Twist Pouches using the Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle eliminating the need to transfer milk from bottles to bags and back again!

Just snap the pouch directly into the Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle squeeze the air out of the pouch and pop a Twist Active Latch Nipple on top! Twist Pouches can eliminate air from your babys meal without complicated venting mechanisms.

Twist Active Latch Nipples are designed to teach and reward deep wide natural latching.

By requiring suction AND massaging of the nipple they are designed to discourage lazy latching and to ease the transition between bottle and breast.

Use these funnels for mess free transfers of powdered formula milk or pureed food into Kiinde Twist Pouches

Funnels snap firmly into place in the mouths of Kiinde Twist Pouches

Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit

This Foodii Squeeze Snack Starter Kit contains 10 Foodii Squeeze Snack Pouches 1 Foodii Filler squeezable filler for mess free filling of Twist Pouches with pureed food.

Includes cap.

2 Snack Spouts with leak proof caps for mess free self feeding directly from Twist Pouches 1 Squeeze Spoon with leak proof cap for mess free feeding directly from Twist Pouches Puree your own healthy baby meals using your blender pour into the wide mouthed Foodii Filler then squeeze the Filler to fill Twist Pouches or Foodii Pouches with healthy nutritious snacks mess free

The Squeeze Snack Filler is simple compact and easy to clean.

It has no moving parts and is about as large as a large drinking glass.

The Filler can be used to store pureed food in your fridge too!

All components of the Foodii and Twist feeding systems are BPA PVC latex and phthalate free.

Squeeze Snacks help to eliminate messes and dirty dishes pouches can be discarded (recycled!) after use.

Kiinde Twist Pouch Funnel

Use these funnels to pour powdered formula into Twist Pouches for Just Add Water meals on the go

BPA PVC latex and phthalate free.

100 Percent recyclable.

Dishwasher and steam safe

You can now use Kiinde Twist Pouches for ALL of your feeding needs breast milk formula or pureed food Kiinde Foodie Squeeze Snack Pouches and breast milk storage Twist Pouches are completely intercompatible

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