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BABYLAND: Final Baby Fair of the Year
22-24 Nov 2019, SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5
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BabyLand: Final Baby Fair of the Year 22-24 Nov 2019, SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5

Red Castle Cocoonababy (With Fitted Sheet) + Cover (Sleep Positioner)

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Product Information

The Red Castle Cocoonababy is perfect for all baby’s sleepy moments.

Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him or her with a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding, Cocoonababy®, ergonomic cocoon, helps the newborn adapt to life in the best way possible. 

In the slightly inclined, regrouped, semi-foetal posture, the child is soothed and feels reassured. The Cocoonababy® helps baby get quality sleep at nighttime and during day naps. It favours balanced development while helping to limit the onset of the most common adaptation difficulties which may bother baby during the first months. 

It can be used until the baby is 3 months old.

The Cocoonababy® includes a Tummy Band which retains baby in place, keeps him or her in the correct position. It also helps reassure and calm baby without hindering freedom of movement. It is an integral part of the product and must be used at all times with the Cocoonababy®.

For use in a cot, ensure that the cot base is in the lowest position, that the depth with the cot mattress is greater than 50cm and that the surface is flat. It can also be used on the floor if placed on a clean carpet, rug or playmat.  



$65 OFF