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Product Information

MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump

MadeToTravel, made for travel.

Struggle no more with heavy, bulky pump bags because your whole on-the-go pumping system can now fit into your handbag.


MadeToTravel, made for travel. This little gem of a breastpump is featherlight at 224g, and is a double breast pump that measures a mere 95 x 95 x 56 mm. It has an in-built battery and can even be charged with a powerbank. Struggle no more with heavy, bulky pump bags because your whole on-the-go pumping system can now fit into your handbag.

A silent pump that operates at only ~60 decibels, couple it with a hands-free solution and you will be in convenient-pumping heaven – while busy in the kitchen, in your office, and we’ve had mums tell us – even in meetings.


Stimulation Phase

With a wide range of 16 stimulation cycles to choose from, this helps mothers to bring on a letdown for faster milk extraction, mimicking your baby’s initial light and fast sucking rhythm before letdown.

Expression Phase

Our long suction cycles help to empty the breasts better by extracting more milk in each suction, mimicking your baby’s deeper and longer sucking  rhythm after letdown.

Dual Stimulation Phase

With a unique combination of both short and long suctions, this is designed to help mothers who have difficulty achieving letdown. By better stimulating the breasts, this phase triggers a faster letdown, which also helps to relieve engorged breasts.

Deep Expression Phase

This is a uniquely engineered double frequency suction that allows for deeper and better extraction of breast milk. It is designed to simulate breast compression during pumping. This phase also helps mothers with inverted nipples to better empty their breasts.

The Special Turbo Cycles

The MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump is designed with 8 Standard Cycles and 8 Turbo Cycles for each Phase. We think of the special Turbo Cycles as a “power-up” that can boost up to 10-30% of the Standard Cycle strength. This allows you to customise your pumping session. It is useful when you would like to increase the current cycle strength but find the next cycle’s strength too strong for comfort.


  • Protects your Precious Milk
  • LCD Screen Display
  • Auto-Lock
  • Single or Double Pump
  • Unrivalled Pumping Comfort
  • Pump in Semi-Lying Position
  • Auto Switch-Off
  • Memory Function
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery


What is in the box:

  • 1 x Unit of Product
  • 1 x Tubes


Bundle Consists of:

LoveAmme Madetotravel Double Breastpump Set

+ 2 x Breastshield (19mm / 22mm / 24mm / 27mm / 30mm)*
+ 2 x Wide-Neck T-Joints*
+ Bottle Stands 2pcs
+ Breastmilk Bags 30pcs
+ Purest Organic Soothing Diaper Cream 100ml



LoveAmme T Joints Chart
 * Vendor will be contacting you on choosing of Breast Shields' Size & Type of T-Joints.
Features and Benefits
  • Extended Deep Funnel: A special feature for mums with very elastic nipples - this allows mums to increase the suction strength more than other breast pump systems for more efficient milk extraction
  • Closed System: The T-Joints are part of our closed system that shuts out environmental exposure, protecting your expressed milk from backflow and contamination
  • Unrivalled Pumping Comfort: When used with our Breast Shields, we offer an optimised yet gentle pumping experience
  • Pump In Semi-Lying Position: All tired out? Rest & recuperate while pumping when used with our FlexSkin Breast Shields



*Images are for illustration purposes only.


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