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Avoid teeth misalignment when you choose the right pacifier for your child!

Dentistar toothfriendly pacifier takes into consideration the natural positions of baby 's teeth and tongue. This medical pacifier is designed by a German dentist, made with medical-grade silicone in German and is the only pacifier with a dental-step!

Dentistar pacifier also allows your baby to suck with the same tongue movement as breastfeeding, and thus avoids nipple confusion and dental misalignment.

  • Thinnest shaft [reduces pressure on jaw & teeth]
  • Patented dental-step [reduces the risk of developing an open bite]
  • Upward angle shaft [extra space for natural movement of the tongue and allows tongue to touch the palate when at rest].

The bigger mouth shield is designed to fit your toddler 's face shape. With six large ventilation holes, the mouth plate is also very kind to the skin.

The dental level is pronounced at size 3 and thus reduces the pressure on the jaw and teeth by up to 90%. As the mouthpiece is adjusted to the shape of the palate and angled upwards, the tongue retains its natural clearance to the front and tongue dysfunctions (e.g. lisp) can be avoided.The size 3 can be given to the child as soon as the first back teeth (molars) are through. The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space here as well.

Night pacifier: The pacifier knobs are decorated with bedtime designs and glow in the dark. That means you can find the pacifier, even when it 's dark in your baby 's room.

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