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Haenim 4G UV Steriliser + Free 1 Pair Osram UV lamps

Beyond This Generation, To The Next Generation

Equipped with a sleek modern design and 24Hour Sterile Operation, this latest Haenim model is the only one you'll want to get. 

It will STERLIZE and DRY your bottles/teats/pump parts, ALL IN ONE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!

Smart Technology:

Auto detection of temperature and humidity for 24 hours which will activate drying features, sterilization and ventiliation so you won't have to do it all over again!

Alternatively, you can always select your own settings via the LED touch screen!

3 Turbo Drying and Sterilizing at high speed (Turbo 1/ Turbo 2/ Turbo 3), perfect for busy parents!

6 Levels of wind strength can be adjusted 

Powerful warm air drying that leaves no moisture and zero room for bacteria growth

Worried about overheating? Fret not as it is also equipped with high tech self controlled PTC heaters to ensure that temperature is consistent and safe.

Dual UV germicidal lamps and a full reflective door made of tempered glass will also ensure that your baby's items are completely sterilized and clean!

Forgot to add in that additional bottle or need to take something out ? Simply pop it in and the sterilizer will restart your selected function!

Comes with a storage function if you are heading out and don't want to leave your baby's items open

- After completing the setup function, switch to storage mode

- Auto drying, sterilization and ventilation will be activated every 2 hours

- Baby's bottles are good to use once you are back home! 

REST ASSURED, even if you are not able to see through the sterilizer there are special sensors to detect if your UV light is not working 

Display notifications will pop up on the touch screen should there be any issues

To add on, the LED display also shows internal temperature during drying and the number of minutes left.

The 4G Classic also has a cleaning reminder to maintain overall hygiene and cleanliness of your sterilizer.

  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power - Lab Proven!
  • Using Dual OSRAM (Italy) UVC Lamps
  • Dries & Sterilizes - No More Air Drying Needed!
  • Large - Saves Time! Up to 16 bottles!
  • Storage Function - Keep Items Sterile with Auto Sterilizing Every 2 Hours
  • Made in Korea
  • Easy to Clean - Simply Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth
  • Easy to Maintain - Only the Dual Osram UV Lamps needs Replacement
  • Specs: 5kg (Set only), with box is 7kg
  • External Dimensions 29.5cm x 37.5cm x 42.5cm
  • Dry/Auto Mode: 70W
  • Turbo Dry Mode: 120W

- Auto
- Turbo Dry (NEW!)
- Dry
- UV
- Storage - Smart (NEW!)
- Clean (Alert) (NEW!)

Available in 4 colours: White Metal, White Gold, Grey Metal, Grey Gold.




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