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Yookidoo Sensory Bath Mobile Bath Toy *ADDITIONAL OFF for EARLY BIRD Special!!

Original Price: $52.90
Now: $29.90
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$25.90 ONLY!!

Product Information



Sensory Bath Mobile by YOOKIDOO again!!


The world’s first newborn water sensory bath mobile that spins and sprinkles creating a multi-sensory fascinating engaging and experience for baby.

Just a press on the red button and the show will start!

This Sensory Bath Mobile spin and sprinkle while the red bird vaporizes a gentle stream of water. Furthermore, it also promoting sensory development and help enhances the tactile stimulation of the baby, it also promotes the visual focus and hand-eye coordination. 

  • Battery operated sensory bath mobile with colorful flowers that spin and sprinkle while swiveling bird sprays a gentle stream of water.
  • Designed to create a multi-sensory fascinating experience for baby.
  • Press bird button to start the water show.
  • Firmly secures to most baby bathtubs and full size tubs with 2 supplied optional connectors.
  • Designed for newborns and doubles as a bath toy for sitting babies.
  • Arc disassembles for flat and compact storage.
  • Swivel arc to redirect water sprinkles and gentle stream.
  • Water flow intensity and flowers rotation speed can be matched to baby’s reactions by sliding the water intensity controller.


Developmental Benefits:

  1. Promotes sensory development and enhances tactile stimulation.
  2. Promotes visual focus skills through contrast and movement, at the perfect distance for baby’s developing eyesight.
  3. Promotes hand-eye coordination.
  4. High contrast colors focus baby’s attention.




Original Price: $52.90
Now: $29.90
Early Bird : $25.90 ONLY!!