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22-24 Nov 2019, SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5
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BABY LAND: Out-of-this-World Sale! | 22-24 Nov 2019
BabyLand: Out-of-this-World Sale! 22-24 Nov 2019, SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5

Essence Life Royal Confinement Package 3 (Royal Confinement Herbal Soup + Royal Herbal Bath + Royal Red Date Tea) + FREE GIFT!!!

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Product Information

Why do women need confinement?

The mother's endocrine system changes dramatically through pregnancy. The dysfunctional systems, particularly the spleen and stomach functions, need to return to normal after childbirth. therefore, balanced nutrition is very important for mothers and babies!!! 

Hence, mothers need to pay attention to recuperation through diet and follow the nutrition pyramid! 

As the body experiences physical weakness after childbirth, the weak immune system can allow an opportunity for bacteria infection. 

Therefore, postpartum mothers need to focus on recuperation in order to reduce the chance of falling sick and for faster recovery.

1. Focus on rest to restore vitality

2. Attention to hygiene and keep warm to prevent the occurrence of disease.

3. Conditioning stomach with balanced meals.

4. Stay cheerful and avoid irritation


Royal Confinement Herbal soup (28days) is:

- a traditional formula specifically designed for the modern day mums!!

- hassle free and easy to use!!

- all herbal soup pack is labeled in days of usage sequence to enhance body recovery!!

- herbs are divided into four phases to regulate postpartum body!



  1. Detoxify
  2. Balance
  3. Strengthen 
  4. Restore



1st Phase Detoxify:

  • Eliminate Lochia
  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Reduce water retention

2nd Phase Balance:

  • Regulate internal organs
  • Regulate Physiological & mental health
  • Remove blood stasis

3rd Phase Strengthen:

  • Nourishing blood
  • Loins strengthening
  • Nourish the lungs and kidney

4th Phase Restore:

  • Vitality Restoration
  • Moisturise and rejuvenates skin
  • Enhance overall health


Royal Confinement Herbal Bath (28 Packs):

Royal Confinement Herbal Bath is a traditional formula specifcally designed for the modern day mum. 

It is hassle free and easy to use.This herbal bath expels "wind and dampness" pain and post-natal discomfort. The combination of herbs in this formula exerts a superb "wind" expelling effect and improves blood circulation, reliefs joint pain and numbness.


  • Improve blood circulation and remove meridian obstruction
  • Benefiting Qi for activating blood circulation
  • Expel cold and dampness
  • Eliminate the mass and relief swilling. 

Recommended Daily Dosage

Use once a day, 1 packet per usage


Royal Red Dates Tea (28 days)

Royal Red Date Tea x4

Benefits & Functions

As mothers are generally weakened after delivery, Red Date Tea is an essential confinement drink recommended by TCM practitioners. Red Date Tea help improve Qi, boost blood circulation and immune system.

Red Date Tea is usually included in confinement food menu when ordering from confinement food caterers. This is because after delivery, women will suffer from swelling or water retention problem and are advised to avoid water during confinement. Red Date Tea provides many health benefits and has been acknowledged to be a good replacement confinement drink for water.

Red Date Tea is not only for mothers after childbirth, but can be drank as a general health supplement.



  • Nourishes the blood
  • Reduces water retention
  • Nourishes lung & Kidney
  • Spleen strengthening & nerve-calming
  • Moisturises & rejuvenates skin
  • Replenishes energy & boost immunity system


*FREE GIFT: Multi-Function Pot + Sheng Hua Soup (2 packs) + Nursing Herbal Soup (4 packs)

Herbal Cooking PotNursing Soup



About Us

Hello health watchers!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Established in 2016, Essence Life is committed to helping people live healthier and happier with a range of verified and tested top quality health products. Essence Life deals with top quality confinement products in Singapore.

Looking for a place to buy confinement products in Singapore? Our products, which fully comply with Singapore’s strict HSA requirements, are carefully curated and sourced from our partners, all of which have an established track record. We make sure they only use ingredients of the highest quality. As a supporter of corporate social responsibility, we also make sure their employees are given fair treatment.

In fact, we are so confident and fanatical about the products that we are all proud users!

We invite you to join us in living healthy. We invite you to believe in the power of Essence Life.

Let us embark on a journey towards eternal youth together.


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