Preventive Baby Fall Protection Pillow Headguard

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Preventive Baby Fall Protection Pillow Headguard (Cute designs to choose)

Every parent enjoy the moment of watching baby learning to sit up, stand and totter about the house.

It is inevitable that baby falls in the process of learning but those heart wrenching sobs can be avoided!

These adorable pillows protect the back of baby head in case of fall.

They can be worn comfortably by baby.

The gap between baby head and the halo allows ventilation and keeps baby cool.

The back portion of the head (the cerebellum) is one of the most important parts of the brain so it is MOST IMPORTANT to protect. 

5 different cute designs to choose from!!! 

  • Yellow Angel
  • Blue Angel
  • Pink Angel
  • Honey Bee
  • Red Bug

-    Adjustable shoulder length, fit for 04-15 months baby, weight 130g, extremely  light weight and do not add  pressure to baby's shoulder
-    Effectively alleviate the impact of a fall to protect the baby's head back, carefully handling the corners and more durable without distortion
-    Not touching baby's head during wear  so baby would not feel uncomfortable.

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