Dr Brown's Wide Neck Feeding Bottle Gift Set

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Product Information

Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottle Gift Set!!

If you are a Dr. Brown’s user u will be super happy!

If you are not a Dr. Brown’s bottle user, then it's time to try!!!

Dr. Brown’s with its Patented Anti-colic system has been a worldwide sensation helping babies reduce colic issues!

Not only that!!! Did you know that the Fully Vented Bottle Design 

  • helps Maintain Vitamins C, A & E?
  • has Positive-pressure and promotes vacuum free feeding?
  • helps reduce colic, spit-up., burping & gas?

Dr. Brown’s isn't just a bottle

Dr. Brown’s is Science


Helps reducesymptomsof colic Proven to help maintain bottle milk vitamins: C,Aand E which are critical for health in infancy.

Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion - Good digestion is essential for babies, particularly newborns.

Fully-vented bottle design - closes to bottle feeding.

Internal Vent System and silicone teat work together - Controlled Flow so babies feed at their own pace

The gift set includes:

  • 240ml standard bottle x 2
  • 120ml Standard bottle x 1
  • Teether x 1
  • Pacifier x1
  • Bottle Brush x 1

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Dr Brown's Wide Neck Feeding Bottle Gift Set | Rating: 9 out of 10 |