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Fisher-Price Toys

Now, their main office in East Aurora, New York has expanded to over 145 countries since the day it was founded by Herman Fisher in 1930.

As proud parents, we want the best for our ray of sunshine, and you will never go wrong with a product by Fisher Price.

Their products are guaranteed to help your toddler gain the necessary motor skills, improve coordination, stimulate visual sense and awareness, while keeping them safe from any harm.

So spend some time with them today, and help them develop the necessary skills to be a healthier, happier and stronger person.

About the company

Fisher Price has been a major advocate for programs benefitting toddlers, and over the years they have grown and has provided a long line of babygear and preschool toys that is catered to enrich and improve the lives and skills of the toddler.

Fisherprice Pop N' Push Elephant

Get ready for irresistible, ball-poppin’ fun!As baby pushes this friendly elephant along, colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk, encouraging baby to walk. Ball-popping and ball-rolling encourage put-and-take play. Includes 3 colorful balls.

• Colorful balls pop out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along
• Encourages baby to walk
• Includes 3 balls
• Bright colors & ball popping sounds
• Helps develop balance & coordination
• Introduces cause & effect

Gross Motor
• Colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along, encouraging baby to walk!

Balance & Coordination
• Pushing the elephant as baby walks along helps baby develop balance & coordination, too.

Thinking & Problem Solving
• Exciting ball popping action rewards baby’s steps, teaching baby about cause & effect.

• Bright colors and ball popping sounds stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound.

Fisherprice Bat & Crawl Roller Bar

Bat and Crawl Rollerbar is a great toy that is sure to engage baby
Easily converts for a great 2-in-1 sitting and crawling toy
Encourages baby's key physical development
Features lights and sounds
Colorful beads and fun characters

Fisherprice Laugh N Learn Singing Soccer Ball

Get ready to kick up some learning fun with the Singin’ Soccer Ball! Baby will love discovering numbers, counting, colours and opposites, and learning about teamwork and taking turns. The soft, baby-friendly ball is easy to grasp and roll, with fun sounds, songs and tunes to encourage play. It’s even machine washable after electronics are removed. Ready, set, go-o-o-al!

• Encourages learning through active play
• Three interactive play modes: Learning, Music & Imagination
• Songs & phrases introduce teamwork & taking turns
• Press, shake or roll the soft soccer ball to activate music & fun sounds
• Teaches numbers, counting, colours, opposites, sportsmanship & more
• Power/volume control for quiet play
• Machine washable (with electronics removed)
• Requires 3 AA batteries

Fisherprice Scoop N Whirl Popper

Calling all walkers! This friendly push-along character scoops up colorful balls, whirls them around, and sends them popping! Not only will your child have fun playing with this toy, but they’ll also be encouraged to walk, helping them strengthen balance and coordination skills. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Develop & Learn

Sturdy & rewarding
• Easy-to-push popper encourages toddlers to walk, developing balance & coordination

Pop & whirl action
• Pick up & pop rewards helps toddlers think about cause & effect

Handle slide
• Dropping balls down the slide fosters eye-hand coordination

Music & movement
• Full of lively music, bright colors & action to stimulate baby’s senses


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