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Purchase $180 of NAN®/ Gerber®/ Cerelac®, redeem FREE Tiger (Japan) 500ml Double Stainless Steel Jar (WORTH $115)!! - Limited to first 300 redemptions. Exclude starters 0 to 6 months.


Give your child a nutritious headstart with CERELAC® Infant Cereals when he starts weaning after 6 months!


Each serving of CERELAC® provides:

  • BIFIDUS BL probiotics & DHA
  • More than 50% of daily iron intake^
  • Essential vitamins and minerals


What’s more, it is made with baby grade ingredients that are grown especially for babies! With 11 options to choose from, there’s always different taste & texture for your little ones!



NAN®OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 and H.A. 3 are our premium hypoallergenic follow on/growing up formulas developed with years of experience – backed by scientific research and innovative development in Nestlé, Switzerland.

NAN®OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 and H.A. 3 are made gentle for babies with Nestlé Best Proteins - OPTIPRO® H.A., a unique blend of whey proteins which are partially hydrolyzed, broken down into smaller pieces. This makes it easy to digest and helps to reduce the allergenic potential of cow's milk. 


This advanced formulation provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for development, including higher* DHA and ARA for brain and eye development, BIFIDUS BL probiotics - Extensively researched good bacteria added to the milk which help to maintain a desirable balance of protective good bacteria in your child's gut, fight against harmful bacteria and keep your baby’s digestive system healthy!

Best of all, it has no added sugar (sucrose) to build good eating habit.



NESTLÉ GERBER Baby Cereals are 100% wholesome.

With every spoonful, your baby's body will grow and with each new stage you discover together, his little personality will continue to grow as well. So be excited, because starting baby cereal isn't just a milestone, it's the first of many, and the beginning of a future of happy mealtimes!

NESTLÉ GERBER Baby cereals go beyond great taste, here are some of the other great things our cereals offer:

  • Each serving° contains 100% of your baby’s daily value of iron
  • The only infant cereals in Canada to contain added probiotic B. lactis* that contributes to a healthy digestive tract flora
  • Contains no added sugar in baby cereals for babies under 12 months
  • No added salt, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours
  • Easy to digest
  • Additional nutrients like vitamin B12†, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and zinc† to help support your baby’s growth and development
  • Convenient choice of "add milk" or "add water" cereal options




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**Limited to first 300 redemptions with Purchase $180 of NAN®/ Gerber®/ Cerelac®


Grab it at Booth D48!

FREE Tiger (Japan) 500ml Double Stainless Steel Jar (WORTH $115)!! | Rating: 9 out of 10 |